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It’s no secret that the loudmouth left and their dangerous push to defund law enforcement has led to rampant lawlessness in Democrat-controlled cities across the nation. This site reports each week on the carnage in Chicago as a glaring example of the failure of Democrat policies affecting the lives of millions of citizens. Today

For the people of Chicago

Last night on Armed American Radio, as I do every weekend now for 13 years straight, I talked about the carnage in Chicago. The endless bloodbath plaguing that city, night after night, week after week, month after month, year after year. This weekend? 67 wounded,13 killed. Again. The sad part, if it can get

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Chicago Carnage: Updated – 74 wounded 13 killed over weekend

The body count in Chicago continues to rise. According to 74 people were wounded and 13 killed over another bloody weekend in town. Included in that number is Chicago PD officer, Ella French, 29 shot and killed during a traffic stop. Her partner, also shot, is fighting for his life at press time.

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2 Chicago Police officers shot, one dead, one fighting for life

Two Chicago police officers were shot in the line of duty Saturday during what the Chicago Sun-Times called a “traffic stop shortly after 9 pm.” The shooting occurred on Chicago’s South Side. The dead officer, Ella French, 29 had given birth two months earlier. She was described by Mayor

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