A media guide to concealed, open, constitutional and other types of carry

Dear media friends, There seems to be a lot of confusion lately about the various types of firearms carry. I hope this clarifies the issue for you: Concealed Carry – the carrying of a handgun concealed, usually by the owner’s clothing. This usually requires a license of permit from a state government. To be

Florida lawsuit could become a template for dismantling preemption laws in other states

If the gun-banners get their way, they’ll be exporting more from Florida than just citrus. A lawsuit now before the Florida Supreme Court seeks to dismantle the state’s powerful preemption statute, which safeguards all pro-gun laws in the Gunshine State, including the Castle Doctrine, the “Stand Your Ground” statute and shall-issue concealed carry. Florida’s

Florida Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried using confidential gun-owner data in campaign against Gov. Ron DeSantis

In a one-of-a-kind system unknown in other states, Florida’s wildly popular Concealed Weapon or Firearm Licensing program is overseen by the state’s Commissioner of Agriculture, in this case Nikki Fried. Florida’s licensing division, which to date has issued more than 2.4 million CWFLs, is subordinate to Fried’s Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. State

Quick thinking Florida barber drops masked gunman with one in the hip

A 24-year-old Florida man recovering from a gunshot wound to his right hip is behind bars in the Brevard County Jail, facing charges of displaying a firearm during the commission of a felony, and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to local news stations, Marlon Mascoe walked into a Melbourne,

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Opinion: Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards – 2A Fudd butter extraordinaire

by Lee Williams It’s not easy to get a Constitutional Carry bill onto a governor’s desk in any state. In fact, it’s a monumental task, which can take years. It requires teams of dedicated Second Amendment advocates and more than a few politicians who understand the true intent of the Second Amendment to get

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Louisiana Governor vetoes constitutional carry legislation

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has vetoed Constitutional Carry legislation. Senate Bill 118 would have removed the need for law abiding Louisianans to obtain a permit from the government to carry a concealed firearm. The National Rifle Association said Edwards "decided to listen to the anti-gun minority in the Sportsman’s Paradise, and veto Senate

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Product Review: 4Patriots Emergency Food-Chili Mac

4Patriots Product Review You may or may not know this, but my third book, co-authored with George ‘The Mad Ogre’ Hill is a well received and critically acclaimed cookbook, Grilling While Armed-How to get off the gas and become your neighborhood pit boss in one day. The top 20 recipes. I loved everything about

Opinion: Tips for surviving a violent home invasion

by Lee Williams Unless you’re involved in the illegal drug trade, owe thousands in illegal gambling debts or have a child who’s a member of a violent street gang, the odds that you’ll ever become the victim of a home invasion robbery are slim. These types of violent criminal actions are rare, and it’s

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Opinion: Unthinkable tragedy in Arvada, Colorado

by Mark Walters I’ve been talking and writing about the subject of gun rights and the Second Amendment for many years and just when you think you’ve seen it all, something terrible happens to remind you that you haven’t. That “terrible something” unfolded in the Olde Towne section of Arvada, CO, on Monday, June

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