A letter from your editors: The worst is yet to come from the Biden-Harris administration

Joe Biden’s puppet-masters took a massive public hit yesterday when they were forced to announce they were spiking David Chipman’s nomination to head the ATF. Chipman was a terrible nominee, a miscalculation of epic proportions. Chipman was such a poor choice his nomination prompted well-publicized defections from Biden’s own party. Mark and I were

Mexican government sues US gun makers

In a 139 page lawsuit, the Mexican government Wednesday filed suit in federal court in MA against Smith and Wesson, Barrett Mfg, Beretta USA, Century Arms, Glock, Sturm Ruger, and InterstateArms. Among the claims the lawsuit alleges: Defendants Actively Assist and Facilitate Trafficking Through Straw Purchasing. Defendants Actively Assist

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Biden Exploits El Paso Shooting Anniversary To Call For Gun Control

Using an op-ed in the El Paso Times, Joe Biden marked the anniversary of the killings in the El Paso shooting to call for more gun control including banning “weapons of war,” and “high capacity magazines.” El Paso shooting Biden said, “As we work together to counter the forces

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Mark and Patricia McCloskey Pardoned By Missouri Governor Parson

Missouri governor pardons Mark and Patricia McCloskey, couple who waved guns at protesters The couple were recorded in June 2020 brandishing guns at peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters as they passed by their mansion in St. Louis. From the desk of Missouri Governor, Michael L. Parson: On Friday, July 30, 2021, Governor Mike Parson

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Larry Keane: Gabby Giffords laments gun control’s hypocrisy can’t drive her agenda

Former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords is disappointed Congress can’t get over partisan differences and pass a sweeping gun control agenda. Of course, it wouldn’t be called that. It would be called “commonsense gun safety laws.” That’s rich. Giffords made the comments to Axios bemoaning that gun control legislation hasn’t been achieved. Giffords, of course,

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Bill would stop U.S. Capitol Police from operating in Florida

Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini is worried about the politicization of American law enforcement – especially when the agency in not accountable to the public. The conservative Lake County Republican is most concerned about the U.S. Capitol Police, which is opening field offices in San Francisco and Tampa, claiming that Florida and California are

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Now it’s the magazine’s fault

Brady has filed a lawsuit on behalf of individuals killed in the 2019 shooting in Dayton, Ohio, against the manufacturer of the 100-round magazine used in the shooting, Kyung Chang Industry USA, Inc. (KCI USA) and its related South Korean company, Kyungchang Industry Co., Ltd. Brady Chief Counsel and Vice President of Legal Jonathan

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Gun control group using courts to attack gun industry

Everytown for Gun Safety, the Bloomberg-funded gun control organization, announced in a recent press release their intent to attack the firearms industry using the nation's courtrooms. “A lack of resources shouldn’t prevent gun violence survivors and their allies from holding reckless actors in the gun industry accountable,” said Eric

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