Ohio one step closer to constitutional carry

Constitutional Carry bill Ohio HB 227 sponsored by Republican Ohio State Representative, Tom Brinkman passed out of the House Government Oversight Committee in late October. According to Buckeye Firearms Association (BFA): “Specifically, the bill would make licensing optional. Those who still wish to acquire a license can still do

Despite the anti-gunners’ dire predictions, Texas streets are not running red with blood

It’s been three weeks since constitutional carry became law in Texas, and the changes in the Lone Star State have been, well, almost boring. The initial warnings about HB 1927 from leftist politicians, the anti-gun industry and their supporters in the legacy media were dire, but of course none proved true. Now, they’re all

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Biden’s Afghan blunder makes the case for national constitutional carry

Joe Biden has become the Taliban’s best friend. These pajama-clad terrorists couldn’t have even imagined the windfall of sophisticated modern weaponry that was waiting for them in Kabul – all free for the taking and completely unguarded, courtesy of our 46th President and his poor planning. Biden’s Afghan rout has been a complete disaster,

18-20 year-olds can legally carry concealed guns in KS today

photo by J. Stephen Conn KANSAS – Effective Today, Kansas residents between the ages of 18-20 can legally possess concealed handguns with a Kansas permit. Governor Laura Kelly vetoed the bill earlier this year but was overridden by the legislature shortly thereafter. Law-abiding Kansas residents 21 years old and

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Opinion: Louisiana Gov. John Bell Edwards – 2A Fudd butter extraordinaire

by Lee Williams It’s not easy to get a Constitutional Carry bill onto a governor’s desk in any state. In fact, it’s a monumental task, which can take years. It requires teams of dedicated Second Amendment advocates and more than a few politicians who understand the true intent of the Second Amendment to get

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Louisiana Governor vetoes constitutional carry legislation

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards has vetoed Constitutional Carry legislation. Senate Bill 118 would have removed the need for law abiding Louisianans to obtain a permit from the government to carry a concealed firearm. The National Rifle Association said Edwards "decided to listen to the anti-gun minority in the Sportsman’s Paradise, and veto Senate

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