No, we can’t donate guns and ammo to the Ukrainians. We checked

Americans have always had a well-developed sense of fair play. We root for the underdog. We scream at the TV when a referee makes a bad call, and we hate bullies of any kind. There’s nothing fair about Russia’s invasion of its peaceful neighbor. The Ukrainian resistance – which includes old men and women,

FRAUD ALERT: Online scammers targeting new gun owners with bogus CCW scheme

Nealy 5 million Americans bought their first firearm during the first seven months of 2020, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation. More than 40 percent of these new gun owners were women. Since then, gun sales have continued to spike and the number of new gun owners has continued to grow. Many of

Tips For Choosing And Vetting The Right Firearms Instructor

We live in the Golden Age of firearms instruction. Never before have we had such a knowledgeable and professional firearms instructor cadre. It’s never been easier for a beginner to learn how to shoot the right way, or for a seasoned shooter to improve their skills. Choosing the right firearms instructor is crucial. If

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