Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis creating his own well-regulated militia

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Thursday that he wants to create the Florida State Guard – a 200-member volunteer paramilitary force that he would control – not Joe Biden – which would assist the Florida National Guard in state-specific emergencies. According to a press release, DeSantis wants to spend more than $100 million to

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Florida’s pension fund adopted anti-gun guidelines with Rick Scott’s blessing

Ashbel C. “Ash” Williams Jr., has the financial wellbeing of Florida’s public employees in his hands. Williams serves as executive director and chief investment officer of the Florida State Board of Administration in Tallahassee, which oversees more than $250 billion in assets, including the nearly $2 billion Florida Retirement System – the state’s public

Afghan interpreter turned Florida deputy sheriff saw Taliban gun confiscation firsthand

Sarasota County (Florida) Sheriff’s Deputy Mubarak can’t use his full name, at least not now. He can’t mention the Afghan village where he was raised, or even the province. He can’t discuss the elite American special operations forces he operated with as an interpreter, or the missions they carried out. If he does –

Florida GOA director continues to show his legislative ignorance

Luis Valdes, the Florida state director for Gun Owners of America, should have taken a few more civics classes – something the GOA leadership is learning for themselves, the hard way. This entire saga began with a tirade on Facebook. Valdes blamed one Republican lawmaker, Rep. Cord Byrd, for the fact that Florida still

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Quick thinking Florida barber drops masked gunman with one in the hip

A 24-year-old Florida man recovering from a gunshot wound to his right hip is behind bars in the Brevard County Jail, facing charges of displaying a firearm during the commission of a felony, and three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to local news stations, Marlon Mascoe walked into a Melbourne,

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Florida GOA director bashes pro-gun state lawmaker

The Florida legislature has a pest-control problem – it’s infested with RINOs. Republicans have controlled the state House, Senate and Governor’s mansion for years, but Floridians still don’t have constitutional carry. The Gunshine State once led the nation in gun rights – we pioneered concealed carry, Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground – but

Gungrabbers and Maskholers (as defined by Mark)

As a free American, I’ve never understood the citizens who argue against their own freedoms. Gun grabbers are a perfect example. They don’t like guns, dammit, so no one should have them. They’ve spent hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars over the years forming groups, doing everything they can to make sure

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Bill would stop U.S. Capitol Police from operating in Florida

Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini is worried about the politicization of American law enforcement – especially when the agency in not accountable to the public. The conservative Lake County Republican is most concerned about the U.S. Capitol Police, which is opening field offices in San Francisco and Tampa, claiming that Florida and California are

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Lol! Here’s A List Of The Dems Anti-Gun Bills Killed By The Florida Legislature

Here's a hilarious list of anti-gun bills Florida Democrats tried to pass during the recent legislative session. Thankfully, almost all of them were killed in committee. The list was compiled by Marion Hammer, executive director of the Unified Sportsmen of Florida and past-president of NRA. Ms. Hammer also named the true "Second Amendment Heroes"

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The Rise Of An American Secret Police Force

Law enforcement is a state right. Our founders knew that concentrating too much power in any one federal agency – especially a law enforcement agency – could lead to a tyrannical secret police state. It was one of their greatest fears. After all, they knew a thing or two about tyranny, and it was something

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