Biden’s budget: $1.7 billion increase for the ATF

There are few documents in Washington more worthless than a presidential budget. Joe Biden’s budget, which was formally presented Monday, is no exception. A presidential budget is merely a wish list – a starting point for the complex task of funding the government. Typically, presidential budgets are more of a statement of priorities than an

A strategic defense in Joe Biden’s war against American gun dealers

The Biden-Harris administration is not hiding their goal of eliminating as many gun dealers as possible. They recently ordered the ATF to start revoking Federal Firearm Licenses for even the most minor of paperwork issues. This level of weaponization is unprecedented, even for the ATF. It’s clear that the administration mistakenly believes that if

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Joe Biden Declares War on American Gun Dealers

While the world’s attention is focused on the horrific events unfolding in Eastern Europe, the Biden-Harris administration quietly unleashed hell on American gun dealers. As the NRA first noted, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has started revoking licenses of gun dealers for the most minor of paperwork errors – errors that never

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ATF must choose whether to cover for Biden or comply with federal law

In late June, Joe Biden announced a new zero-tolerance policy for “rogue gun dealers,” who he claimed were responsible for skyrocketing violent crime rates in major cities historically controlled by Democrats. The violence wasn’t caused by weak prosecutors who refuse to hold criminals accountable, or gangs or underfunded police departments or by any combination

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