An open letter to Gabby Giffords, Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg

Dear Gabby, Shannon and Tiny Mike, The instant the first Russian T-80 crossed the Ukrainian border, the whole world could see the uselessness of everything you’ve ever said and everything you’ve ever done. You’ve been overtaken by events – mooted and muted in one fell swoop, so scram. Leave the field. It is time

Analysis: Why we will win America’s hearts and minds

These are the most perilous times many Second Amendment watchdogs have ever seen. Our right to keep and bear arms is under constant assault by a troika of would-be infringers: the Biden-Harris administration – the most anti-gun group of bullies to occupy the White House in modern times, the legacy media – which is

LA Rams host anti-freedom, anti-gun Giffords group, ignore pro-rights orgs

In a rambling statement appearing on their website, the Los Angeles Rams discuss hosting Gabby Giffords and her gun control organization to “fight gun-violence” during a “roundtable” at SoFi Stadium. You can read the statement in its entirety here: To support gun violence prevention efforts in our communities, the

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Sen. Chris Murphy admits Giffords was his ‘teammate’ while negotiating background checks with Republicans

It wasn’t Sen. Chris Murphy who sat down with unsuspecting Republicans to negotiate universal background checks behind closed doors. Gabby Giffords had a seat at the table, too. According to a Giffords fundraising email sent Wednesday, Murphy wrote that Joe Biden’s executive orders weren’t enough to fully address the background check “crisis.” “That’s why

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Racist David Chipman vows to stop the ‘gun lobby’ if you send him money

If Gabby Giffords and David Chipman had their druthers, he would be weaponizing the ATF right now before unleashing it upon American gun owners. Instead, Chipman is pleading for $3 donations for Gabby’s cash-strapped gun-control group. According to a new fundraising email sent Sunday to Giffords’ supporters, it’s now clear the type of ATF

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Despite the anti-gunners’ dire predictions, Texas streets are not running red with blood

It’s been three weeks since constitutional carry became law in Texas, and the changes in the Lone Star State have been, well, almost boring. The initial warnings about HB 1927 from leftist politicians, the anti-gun industry and their supporters in the legacy media were dire, but of course none proved true. Now, they’re all

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We’re not insurrectionists, Gabby

For American gun owners, one of the major problems with the legacy media controlling the national narrative is that their fellow leftists are never held accountable for what they say, regardless of how libelous, insulting and flat-out wrong their comments are. If a falsehood – even a whopper of a lie – fits their

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Keane: Giffords spreads lies to push antigun agenda

Former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords, who heads up the gun control group bearing her name, is spinning tales and vilifying the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) to advance President Joe Biden’s shared gun grab visions. Giffords penned an op-ed in The Philadelphia Inquirer calling for nationwide universal background checks on all firearm transfers. She claims this

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Susan Rice is the secret puppet-master behind Biden’s war on guns

Joe Biden got lost in the bushes outside the White House Wednesday, after returning from a long weekend at his home in Wilmington, Delaware. Biden walked right past a Secret Service agent who was pointing the right way and stumbled into the bushes until he saw a side door, which he had to open

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Larry Keane: Gabby Giffords laments gun control’s hypocrisy can’t drive her agenda

Former U.S. Rep. Gabby Giffords is disappointed Congress can’t get over partisan differences and pass a sweeping gun control agenda. Of course, it wouldn’t be called that. It would be called “commonsense gun safety laws.” That’s rich. Giffords made the comments to Axios bemoaning that gun control legislation hasn’t been achieved. Giffords, of course,

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