Play football and shut up

For the record, I stopped watching the NFL when they condoned the actions of a socialist loser named Colin Kaepernick and haven't looked back. I've missed absolutely nothing about wasting my time watching the NFL. Absolutely nothing. I have no time in my life for nonsense and America-hating hypocrites such as multi-millionaire cry babies who

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Chicago Carnage: 48 wounded 9 killed over weekend

The body count in Chicago rises as the unending violence and shootings continue. According to, 48 people were wounded and 9 were killed over another bloody weekend in town. Included in that number is a 7-year-old girl being strapped into her car seat by her mother, shot and killed two days before her

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Can you carry a gun on Army Corps of Engineers property?

Here we are in the dog days of summer. It’s hot everywhere and many Americans seek solace on lakes and at campgrounds nationwide. Many of those properties are managed by the US Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) and their regulations forbid the carrying of defensive firearms and ammunition on their managed property. Some might

Upcoming events and appearances

September 3,4,5 – NRA Annual Meeting – Houston, TX Beginning September 3rd, the NRA annual convention begins in Houston, TX. Being held at the George R. Brown Convention Center and celebrating its 150th anniversary, the NRA meeting marks the return of the large convention floor style trade shows since COVID began shortly after SHOT

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Mass shooting in England leaves six dead including the suspect

Six people including a gunman dressed in black and armed with a shotgun have died Thursday in Plymouth, England, according to the BBC. The victims include three females, two males and one of the dead was a child under 10. British police say the shooting was not a terrorist act. This is the worst

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Second Amendment Foundation announces new TV campaign to defeat Biden’s gun ban scheme

BELLEVUE, WA – “Joe Biden is no longer hiding his real intentions,” to ban semiautomatic rifles and handguns, the Second Amendment Foundation says in a new 60-second TV message that will be broadcast on nearly two dozen cable networks nationwide beginning next week. Biden revealed his agenda in a stunning remark made during a

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