Chicago legalizes dueling!

A “business” dispute between two cliques of a young gentlemen’s club known as the Four Corner Hustlers resulted in a shootout Friday morning in Chicago’s Austin community. One club member was killed, two were wounded. Chicago Police sent their SWAT team to break up the fracas. Police found more than 70 spent shell casings

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Joe Biden now targeting the First Amendment after failing to topple the Second

Is there a more Norman Rockwell moment than a parent telling school board members they disagree with a policy decision? It’s classic Americana – the very definition of the First Amendment in action – a citizen telling truth to power. This is exactly what the framers had in mind when they wrote the First

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Keane: Mid-terms will be a test of the growing support for the Second Amendment

The 2022 federal Congressional elections are 13 months away. Professional prognosticators and history will say Republicans supportive of Second Amendment rights will take back the U.S. House of Representatives from antigun Democrats. Even the Senate may swing to a firearm-favorable majority. Off-year 2021 elections in New Jersey and Virginia may give a sneak peek

Keane: Chicago firearm theft demonstrates importance of industry safety programs

Chicago’s Democratic Mayor Lori Lightfoot has long ignored criminal culpability when it comes to violence in the Windy City. She instead infringes on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens and hamstrings law enforcement charged with keeping streets and neighborhoods safe.  A recent Chicago Tribune report detailed the break-in of a firearm retailer by a criminal who fled with a

Keane: Your favorite jeans may be in gun control’s pocket

There once was a day when a pair of jeans just felt good to put on. There was no pretense. No drama. Just a good fit for hard work or a casual day. It’s almost quaint when the trouser label just meant comfort and not a political antigun agenda. Levi Strauss & Co. reminded

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David Hogg is an idiot

Recently the gift that keeps on giving, aka, David Hogg, known for his tweet stupidity and illogical musings when it comes to gun rights, made a fool of himself, again. Keeping in mind this happens on a fairly regular basis, two of his most recent tweets bear scrutiny for their sheer lack of intelligence.

Racist David Chipman vows to stop the ‘gun lobby’ if you send him money

If Gabby Giffords and David Chipman had their druthers, he would be weaponizing the ATF right now before unleashing it upon American gun owners. Instead, Chipman is pleading for $3 donations for Gabby’s cash-strapped gun-control group. According to a new fundraising email sent Sunday to Giffords’ supporters, it’s now clear the type of ATF

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Updated: Chicago Carnage: 62 wounded 10 killed over weekend

(This story has been updated to reflect changes in the Chicago body count as of 11:59 am ET) The body count in Chicago continues to rise as the unending violence and shootings continue. According to 62 people were wounded and 10 were killed over another bloody weekend in town. Chicago’s top cop has

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VA stressing ‘gun safety’ to reduce veteran suicides – for now

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is emphasizing gun safety and trigger locks as a means to reduce veterans’ suicides. VA officials claim they are not proposing bans or other forms of gun control. “We are not gearing any campaign or messaging towards restriction,” Dr. Matthew Miller, executive director of VA’s Suicide Prevention Program,

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Keane: Sour grapes and false narrative abound in Chipman analysis

The truth is sometimes a bitter pill to swallow. That’s become apparent after several media outlets examined why David Chipman couldn’t gain support in the U.S. Senate to be confirmed as Director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). Media believed Chipman was the cure-all to push gun control. He was

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