We’re not insurrectionists, Gabby

For American gun owners, one of the major problems with the legacy media controlling the national narrative is that their fellow leftists are never held accountable for what they say, regardless of how libelous, insulting and flat-out wrong their comments are. If a falsehood – even a whopper of a lie – fits their

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So, the FBI shows up at your door …

I have always been a strong supporter of law enforcement. As someone who spent 10 years with a badge in his billfold, I've always believed it was a citizen's duty to help out police when asked. That sentiment ended seven months ago. The Biden-Harris administration has weaponized law enforcement -- especially at the federal

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Bill would stop U.S. Capitol Police from operating in Florida

Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini is worried about the politicization of American law enforcement – especially when the agency in not accountable to the public. The conservative Lake County Republican is most concerned about the U.S. Capitol Police, which is opening field offices in San Francisco and Tampa, claiming that Florida and California are

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