Biden using complicit media to target First and Second Amendments

Journalists were once champions of Free Speech. Some even went to jail for the beliefs. Nowadays, they are openly calling for increased government censorship and regurgitating anything else the Biden-Harris administration desires. The Fourth Estate has muzzled itself and abrogated its once powerful government watchdog role, which even critics said was vital to the

Beware Biden’s desperate anti-gun pivots

The Biden-Harris administration is trapped inside a hostile media spotlight, a victim of their own incompetence. They’re like a cornered animal – desperate for a way out, but clearly willing to settle for anything that would shift the public focus off of their ever-growing list of foibles. They’re a consistent bunch, that much is

Joe Biden is neutering our military

There’s a fallacy some veterans fall victim to, which I call the “last hard class” syndrome. It’s a mistaken belief that things were much tougher back in the day than they are now. The runs were longer, the hills were steeper, the instructors were meaner and the food was even shittier. I’ve never subscribed

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Biden wants to bribe legacy media in exchange for positive news coverage

Joe Biden has found a way to guarantee positive news stories from legacy media reporters. He wants to help pay their salaries; despite the ethical questions this would raise. Gun owners and anyone else who doesn’t want to lose their civil rights and individual freedoms are especially at risk. As part of his nearly

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Disgraced Biden now likely to use proxies in his war against our guns

After his disastrous Afghanistan rout, Joe Biden has no credibility, especially when it comes to his lifelong efforts to strip Americans of our right to keep and bear arms. Any president who gives a terrorist organization – 358,530 real assault rifles, 126,295 handguns, 64,363 machineguns, 109 helos, 22,174 Humvees, 65 fixed-wing aircraft, 176 artillery

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