The left is loco over the Rittenhouse verdict, and it’s fun to watch

Just seconds after a Kenosha jury of five men and seven women found that Kyle Rittenhouse used his AR as it was intended, for self-defense, the anti-gun zealots went bonkers – crying, wailing and gnashing their teeth – nearly apoplectic with rage and disbelief. When the other side is screaming, babbling incoherently and imploding

Kyle Rittenhouse verdict exposes the media’s obsession with wokeness, not truth

I knew Kyle Rittenhouse would be acquitted. So did you. So did half of the country – the rational half. After all, it was a textbook case of self-defense. Rittenhouse was in fear for his life, so he used deadly force to save himself. Pretty simple, really. For a legal defensive gun usage, Kyle

Second Amendment Foundation condemns ACLU’s statement after Rittenhouse verdict

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today condemned the American Civil Liberties Union for what it called a “deplorable reaction” to the not guilty verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse by a jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Following the verdict, the ACLU posted this message via Twitter: “Despite Kyle Rittenhouse’s conscious decision to

Statement from Alan Gottlieb on Rittenhouse verdict

RITTENHOUSE STATEMENT – ACQUITTAL “The verdict by the Kenosha jury is an affirmation that people, regardless of their age, have a right to defend themselves against violent attack, by individuals or a mob. “Anyone who viewed the video evidence and listened to the testimony would easily conclude Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. Fortunately, this

Kyle will walk

The Associated Press predicted in a confusing word-salad of a column this weekend that Kyle Rittenhouse will become either a “mascot or a martyr” to the gun community once his murder trial concludes, which could be this week. The AP has never understood American gun owners – they believe we’re all just one big

Until right is restored

Liberal leftists are incapable of looking past their political agenda and simply cannot be reasoned with on any topic with which they disagree. You are wrong unless you agree with the liberal. Nothing exemplifies that more than the ongoing Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Claiming self-defense, an 18-year-old is fighting charges that may put him in

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Kenosha rioter admits pointing his gun at Rittenhouse

In a stunning admission in court yesterday, Kenosha rioter Gaige Grosskreutz , who by his own admission has attended approximately 75 “protests” claiming to be acting as a “medic” admitted in testimony to chasing down Rittenhouse and pointing his loaded handgun at him.  Grosskreutz, who has a concealed carry license, also admitted his permit

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