Chicago Carnage: 27 wounded 7 killed over New Years’ weekend

The body count in Chicago continues to rise as the unending violence and shootings continue. According to 27 people were wounded and 7 were killed over another bloody New Years' weekend in town. Chicago’s top cop has resorted to begging criminals “to stay away from children.” According to the site, in 2021 there

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Developing: Chicago Mayor seeks fed help to reduce skyrocketing murder rate

Left-wing Democrat Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot is now seeking federal help to combat the incredible murder rate in Chicago. At a press conference early today and reported by Fox32 Chicago, Lightfoot is seeking assistance from the federal government in three specific areas: "Lightfoot made three specific requests of Garland. One being that he send

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Chicago PD quote of the day

It’s no secret that the loudmouth left and their dangerous push to defund law enforcement has led to rampant lawlessness in Democrat-controlled cities across the nation. This site reports each week on the carnage in Chicago as a glaring example of the failure of Democrat policies affecting the lives of millions of citizens. Today

Chicago carnage: 70 shot and 12 dead over bloody weekend

The Democrat-controlled city of Chicago IL continues to see violence on an unprecedented scale. This past weekend saw 70 people shot and 12 dead. The bloody violence plagues all areas of the city with particular concentration on the south and west sides of town. No age group is immune

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