New York AG Letitia James issues statement on LaPierre’s re-election as NRA’s CEO/EVP

Editor's note: This statement from New York Attorney General Letitia James was released Sunday: New York Attorney General Letitia James today released the following statement after the National Rifle Association (NRA) yesterday announced that Wayne LaPierre was re-elected to the NRA board as executive vice-president: "The NRA's decision to re-elect Wayne LaPierre and other

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NRA board re-elects Wayne LaPierre as CEO and executive vice president

Editor's note: This just in from the National Rifle Association: National Rifle Association Executive Vice President/CEO Wayne LaPierre was re-elected by the NRA Board of Directors at their meeting today in Charlotte, North Carolina, according to a statement. The Annual Meeting of Members preceded the board meeting, as the NRA celebrated its 150-year anniversary.

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Florida GOA director bashes pro-gun state lawmaker

The Florida legislature has a pest-control problem – it’s infested with RINOs. Republicans have controlled the state House, Senate and Governor’s mansion for years, but Floridians still don’t have constitutional carry. The Gunshine State once led the nation in gun rights – we pioneered concealed carry, Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground – but

The Daily Beast skewers NRA over low gun-safety enrollment – during the height of the pandemic!

More than 33 million children have learned about gun safety through the National Rifle Association’s Eddie Eagle GunSafe® program. The exact figures, current as of last month, show that 33,198,060 kids have participated since the program was started in 1988, and 41,325 children have been reached so far this year. Even NRA’s staunchest critics

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