A media guide to concealed, open, constitutional and other types of carry

Dear media friends, There seems to be a lot of confusion lately about the various types of firearms carry. I hope this clarifies the issue for you: Concealed Carry – the carrying of a handgun concealed, usually by the owner’s clothing. This usually requires a license of permit from a state government. To be

BREAKING NOW: GA constitutional carry bill sent to Kemp’s desk for signature

Moments ago, The GA State Senate passed a motion to agree to the House Substitute to SB 319 with a vote of 34 to 22. SB 319, otherwise known as the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2021 now moves to the governor for signature. Governor Brian Kemp tweeted the following statement: https://twitter.com/GovKemp/status/1509922215260741633?s=20&t=Cpgq5XPCWTRXqcrfHPBehQ With his

Words matter: It’s Constitutional Carry, not permitless carry

Congratulations to the great State of Alabama – the 22nd state to adopt Constitutional Carry. This is exactly what the Framers had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment. In my humble opinion, the new law needs some tweaks, but Alabamans are over the biggest hurdle. It is time to celebrate years of

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