Colorado gun owners will pay a steep price for loss of preemption statute

A state’s preemption statute is the bedrock upon which all pro-gun laws stand. Currently, 42 states have a preemption statute of some kind, which prohibits anyone but the state legislature from regulating firearms and ammunition. Last year, Colorado’s anti-gun Democratic governor, Jared Polis, signed legislation which made the Centennial State the first in the

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Florida lawsuit could become a template for dismantling preemption laws in other states

If the gun-banners get their way, they’ll be exporting more from Florida than just citrus. A lawsuit now before the Florida Supreme Court seeks to dismantle the state’s powerful preemption statute, which safeguards all pro-gun laws in the Gunshine State, including the Castle Doctrine, the “Stand Your Ground” statute and shall-issue concealed carry. Florida’s

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