The left is loco over the Rittenhouse verdict, and it’s fun to watch

Just seconds after a Kenosha jury of five men and seven women found that Kyle Rittenhouse used his AR as it was intended, for self-defense, the anti-gun zealots went bonkers – crying, wailing and gnashing their teeth – nearly apoplectic with rage and disbelief. When the other side is screaming, babbling incoherently and imploding

Kyle Rittenhouse verdict exposes the media’s obsession with wokeness, not truth

I knew Kyle Rittenhouse would be acquitted. So did you. So did half of the country – the rational half. After all, it was a textbook case of self-defense. Rittenhouse was in fear for his life, so he used deadly force to save himself. Pretty simple, really. For a legal defensive gun usage, Kyle

Second Amendment Foundation condemns ACLU’s statement after Rittenhouse verdict

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation today condemned the American Civil Liberties Union for what it called a “deplorable reaction” to the not guilty verdict in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse by a jury in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Following the verdict, the ACLU posted this message via Twitter: “Despite Kyle Rittenhouse’s conscious decision to

Statement from Alan Gottlieb on Rittenhouse verdict

RITTENHOUSE STATEMENT – ACQUITTAL “The verdict by the Kenosha jury is an affirmation that people, regardless of their age, have a right to defend themselves against violent attack, by individuals or a mob. “Anyone who viewed the video evidence and listened to the testimony would easily conclude Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. Fortunately, this

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