Halyna Hutchins family sue Alec Baldwin, release animated recreation of shooting

Lawyers for the family of Hakyna Hutchins, the cinematographer shot and killed by actor Alec Baldwin while filming on the set of "Rust," have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against the actor. The family has also released a chilling animated video, which they say approximates what occurred during the Oct. 21, 2021 fatal shooting. “There

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Alec Baldwin’s latest role is trying to stay out of prison

The Meisner Technique is an intensive training system for actors developed by renowned acting coach Sanford Meisner, who teaches actors how to behave instinctively and get in touch with their emotions. It’s known in the acting community as the “real people” technique, because it stresses realism and authenticity. Instead of merely acting sad, shocked

Alec Baldwin now wants police officers on movie sets to supervise firearm safety

After shooting and killing his cinematographer and wounding his director on the set of his latest movie, Alec Baldwin now wants police officers stationed on movie sets to monitor firearm safety, according to Deadline.com. “Every film/TV set that uses guns, fake or otherwise, should have a police office on set, hired by the production,

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