Alec Baldwin’s latest role is trying to stay out of prison

The Meisner Technique is an intensive training system for actors developed by renowned acting coach Sanford Meisner, who teaches actors how to behave instinctively and get in touch with their emotions. It’s known in the acting community as the “real people” technique, because it stresses realism and authenticity. Instead of merely acting sad, shocked

Alec Baldwin now wants to limit real firearms on movie sets

Alec Baldwin and his wife Hilaria spoke to photographers briefly Saturday while out for a walk in New England. According to FOX News, Baldwin was asked if he would ever work on a movie set with firearms – a question Baldwin said he couldn’t answer. “I really don’t have any – I have no

Movie stars are not exempt from gun safety rules or criminal charges

No one disputes that Alec Baldwin drew a single-action revolver chambered in .45 Long Colt from a holster, cocked the hammer, aimed it toward cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and director Joel Souza and pulled the trigger. The 225-grain projectile traveling at around 960 feet-per-second struck Hutchins in the chest, exited, and struck Souza in the

Movie armament expert: Alec Baldwin, armorer share blame for shooting death

Richard Collins owns more than 1,000 machine guns and 4,000 other firearms. He stores his massive collection in two safes. Each is 1,000 square feet – the doors weigh 5,000 pounds. Collins is president of Movie Armaments Group. Founded 40 years ago, MAG supplies guns, tactical gear, uniforms, military equipment and lashings of expertise

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