San Jose Gun Owners May Soon Be Required to Carry Liability Insurance

Notes from Mark Walters, Editor, AAN. While this latest attempt to infringe on legal gun ownership has passed the San Jose City Council, various groups are lining up to challenge the ordinance in court. Of course, this type of ordinance is unconstitutional and likely will not stand up to the upcoming challenges, (think, why

San Jose City Council adopts tax, insurance, confiscation regulations on gun owners

SAN JOSE, CA – The San Jose City Council adopted measures requiring all gun owners pay an annual fee and require insurance or face confiscation of their firearms. The “gun violence initiative” as it was referred to by the council, passed unanimously. San Jose Mayor, Sam Liccardo (D) tweeted

Opinion: The award for ‘Craziest Mayor in the USA’ goes to …

by Lee Williams There are more than 20,000 gun laws on the books in this country. None of them keep criminals from committing crimes, so when the mayor of a large metropolitan city says he’s got a couple of ideas that have never been tried before, you can bet I’m going to pay attention.

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