OMG! Springfield Armory is bringing back the Browning Hi-Power

The Browning Hi-Power was the first handgun I ever carried as a cop -- cocked and locked, of course. It's still one of the standards I use to judge every pistol I fire. It is, arguably, the finest firearm John Moses Browning ever designed, and he designed more than a few firearms. Springfield Army

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Chicago Carnage: 30 wounded 4 killed over weekend

The body count in Chicago continues to rise as the unending violence and shootings continue. According to 30 people were wounded and 4 were killed over another bloody weekend in town. Chicago’s top cop has resorted to begging criminals “to stay away from children.” According to the site, year to date, there have

Democrats are stupid. Read it for yourself.

As I do show prep for my radio broadcast each day, I’m constantly evaluating stories worthy of on-air discussion. I’ve often referred to that part of my job as “research triage’” as the evaluation process finalizes for that day’s program topics and some make the days cut while others get left behind. Sometimes, the

NSSF: Adaptive Shooting Summit shows competitive spirit has no limit

by Mark Oliva Jared Gould is a man who enjoys shattering expectations. Where others see an obstacle, Gould sees opportunity. That’s a bold statement for the competitive shooter who is also legally blind. Gould, and about 30 other competitive shooters, gathered at SIG Academy’s facility in Epping, N.H., for a two-day Adaptive Defensive Shooting

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How Joe Biden plans to spend your money on the ‘gun violence public health epidemic’

For gun owners, Joe Biden’s FY2022 discretionary budget plan is an assault on our individual freedoms and civil liberties – an assault that could cost us both billions of taxpayer dollars as well as our guns. Joe Biden Whoever actually wrote the plan is a master of creative writing – fiction writing, to be

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How to avoid giving gun-banners your hard-earned cash

Do you watch movies at AMC Theaters? Was the film produced by Bad Robot? Do you eat at Chipotle, Shake Shack, Panera, Burger King or Subway, or had a meal delivered by Door Dash? Do you wear clothes from Levi Strauss, the Gap or Gucci? Do you watch CNN, MTV, NBC, HBO, MSNBC or

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Please support our newest partner: Cedar Mill Fine Firearms

Armed American News co-founder Mark Walters and I are very pleased to announce our newest partner: Cedar Mill Fine Firearms. Yep, those guys! As a reader, you're probably familiar with their Discreet Concealment Guitar Case, which I reviewed and loved. I'm told by the good folks at Cedar Mill that many of your just

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Smith & Wesson recalling their new M&P12 Shotgun

Editor's note: This just in from Smith & Wesson: Smith & Wesson Inc. has received two field reports of cracked barrels involving the M&P12 Shotgun. To ensure that all of our Shotguns meet Smith & Wesson’s high standards for quality, we are implementing this Safety Recall of all M&P12 Shotguns manufactured prior to October

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Shooting while moving is a tactical fundamental

The best way to win a gunfight is by quick, violent and aggressive action. This applies to all threats you may encounter. Bad guys never expect their victims to fight back quickly and violently. They’re used to sheeple. For example, when The Bad Man and his crew boot a front door, they expect their

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Oregon appellate court rules it is illegal to deny rifle, shotgun sales to 18 to 20-year-olds

The Oregon Court of Appeals last week reversed a lower court’s decision to toss out an age-discrimination lawsuit against a gun retailer. Instead, the appellate court ruled that it is illegal deny gun sales to buyers who are 18 to 20 years old. The original case was brought on behalf of Brandy Dalbeck, an

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