Gun banners struggling to find relevance in a world prepping for war

The madman in the Kremlin who’s killing thousands of Ukrainians and seems hellbent on bringing us to the brink of World War Three is the reason free people around the world are looking for a means to defend themselves and their families and then secure them long-term. When all is said and done, Col.

An open letter to Gabby Giffords, Shannon Watts and Michael Bloomberg

Dear Gabby, Shannon and Tiny Mike, The instant the first Russian T-80 crossed the Ukrainian border, the whole world could see the uselessness of everything you’ve ever said and everything you’ve ever done. You’ve been overtaken by events – mooted and muted in one fell swoop, so scram. Leave the field. It is time

Baumann: Shannon Watts abuses her ‘woman card’ when talking about guns

By Beth Baumann Whenever we hear the term “gun violence,” the media lines up to hear from Shannon Watts, the head of Moms Demand Action. The mainstream media assumes Shannon and her tribe speak for all women, which is the furthest thing from the truth. Watts recently wrote an opinion piece in Elle, claiming

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Despite the anti-gunners’ dire predictions, Texas streets are not running red with blood

It’s been three weeks since constitutional carry became law in Texas, and the changes in the Lone Star State have been, well, almost boring. The initial warnings about HB 1927 from leftist politicians, the anti-gun industry and their supporters in the legacy media were dire, but of course none proved true. Now, they’re all

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