Updated – Chicago Carnage: 47 wounded, 10 killed over weekend

This story is evolving and the numbers may change as more shooting victims in Chicago die a as result of their injuries. Check back for updates. The body count in Chicago continues to rise. According to heyjackass.com 47 people were wounded and 10 killed over another bloody weekend in town.

Gunshots Outside Nationals Park Send Thousands Into Panic

Gunshots fired in a street altercation between occupants of two passing vehicles outside Nationals Park during the Nationals-Padres game was enough to send tens of thousands of fans fleeing in panic. According to CBS News, 'Police described the incident as a "shootout" between two cars outside of Nationals Park.

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Chicago Carnage

This past weekend saw a total of 38 shootings currently resulting in 11 deaths. (Fox News is reporting 40 shootings with 11 dead but AAN cannot currently verify those numbers). One of those murders occurred directly outside the county jail when local rapper Londre Sylvester, 31 who was recently

New York City Mayoral Candidate Eric Adams Wants Increased ‘Handgun Control’

Democratic New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams said his party’s focus on “assault weapon” bans is misplaced. Instead, Adams wants more handgun control. “I believe those priorities, they really were misplaced and it's almost insulting what we have witnessed over the last few years. Many of our presidents, they saw these numbers, they

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Rise In Firearm Purchases Not Connected To Rise In Crime

Firearm purchases by Americans continue to hit record numbers. Last month (June 2021) fell slightly behind the highest number on record (June 2020) according to industry analysis of FBI numbers and reported by Stephen Gutowski and The Reload. "Nationwide, firearm purchasing and firearm violence increased substantially during the first

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