Social media pseudo-intellectual psychobabblers

I hate social media. All of it, in every one of its rotten forms and forums. Hate it. In my estimation, it’s destroying the very underpinnings of our society. Seemingly normal people pour out their every thought as if everyone else on the planet actually gives a damn. We’ve all seen it. Stupid stuff

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Factchecking the media’s antigun factcheckers

For today’s media, factchecking is an entry-level job. Most media factcheckers are liberal, woke, in their early 20s and politically biased. Most have never even touched a weapon, yet they wade into gun and Second Amendment issues as though they’re the reincarnation of Jeff Cooper or Bill Jordan. But unlike these distinguished gentlemen, the

Did you know your neighbors hate you?

Most Americans now use some form of social media in their daily lives and for the most part, use it wisely. Or do they? For the record, I am biased against social media in all forms and make no bones about it. Social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and too many local variations such as

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