USA Today pushes anti-gun study from Everytown and discredited academic group

USA Today is no longer trying to conceal its strong anti-gun bias from the paper’s shrinking readership. A story the newspaper published Monday pushes a study that was written by Everytown for Gun Safety, which is funded by leftwing anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg. It includes data and analysis from the discredited Armed Conflict Location

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Mark’s take on the Biden catastrophe(s)

I’m an outspoken person. I’ve been so my entire life, and sometimes it can get me in trouble, depending on what it is I’m speaking out against and who’s listening. Let’s take those “Happy Ending Stories” I often refer to on the radio show. A happy ending, in my estimation, is when a bad

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Joe Biden just sent a signal to American gun owners with his middle finger

Alexei Anatolievich Navalny is the man Russian president Vladimir Putin hates most. Alexei Anatolievich Navalny Not only is Navalny one of Putin’s harshest critics who has dedicated his life to fighting political corruption, he is very well respected and has millions of followers on social media both in Russia and the West.

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Just days after he arms terrorists, Joe Biden bans import of Russian arms, ammunition

Just days after his botched Afghan pullout armed thousands of Taliban terrorists with state-of-the-art American weapon systems, Joe Biden signed an executive order blocking the importation of Russian firearms and ammunition. According to the State Department's fact sheet, Biden's order states that "the United States will impose a second round of sanctions on the

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Biden’s Afghan blunder makes the case for national constitutional carry

Joe Biden has become the Taliban’s best friend. These pajama-clad terrorists couldn’t have even imagined the windfall of sophisticated modern weaponry that was waiting for them in Kabul – all free for the taking and completely unguarded, courtesy of our 46th President and his poor planning. Biden’s Afghan rout has been a complete disaster,

US Justice Department targeting Missouri’s Second Amendment Sanctuary Preservation Act

The Biden Justice Department moved against the state of Missouri and HB85, also known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act which nullifies certain federal gun laws that fall into five various categories. HB85, signed by Republican Governor, Mike Parson in June 2021, enacts fines up to $50,000.00 on law enforcement agencies that violate its

Joe Biden and the Taliban agree – no one needs a gun

On Monday throughout Kabul, teams of Taliban terrorists started going door-to-door searching for our former allies, young girls and, of course, personally owned firearms. Our allies were disappeared. Their fate was sealed. Some have been shot, hung and beaten to death. Their bodies usually turn up on a dusty road several days after they

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