Bill would stop U.S. Capitol Police from operating in Florida

Florida State Rep. Anthony Sabatini is worried about the politicization of American law enforcement – especially when the agency in not accountable to the public. The conservative Lake County Republican is most concerned about the U.S. Capitol Police, which is opening field offices in San Francisco and Tampa, claiming that Florida and California are

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Capitol Police officers get a small dose of real police work

For a few hours on Jan. 6, United States Capitol Police officers got a taste of what many cops in this country experience on a regular basis. In fact, officers policing the rough parts of this country’s decaying metros might consider what the USCP officers went through to be an easy day. My 10

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The Rise Of An American Secret Police Force

Law enforcement is a state right. Our founders knew that concentrating too much power in any one federal agency – especially a law enforcement agency – could lead to a tyrannical secret police state. It was one of their greatest fears. After all, they knew a thing or two about tyranny, and it was something

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