No one makes a better case to abolish the ATF than the ATF

Twenty-nine years ago yesterday, 13 miles northeast of Waco, Texas, the siege of the Branch Davidian compound began. Fifty-one days later, 76 people – including 25 children and two pregnant women – were dead. The ATF marked the 29th Anniversary of the massacre by placing a wreath on the Waco Peace Officer Memorial, in

New gun control laws go into effect in VA on Thursday

Beginning midnight July 1st, the following new gun control bills that were signed by Dem. Governor Northam will become law. HB:9 From Reporting lost or stolen firearms; civil penalty. Requires that, if a firearm is lost or stolen from a person who lawfully possessed it, such person shall report the loss or theft

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Opinion: Leaked report shows ATF considers private gunmakers to be criminals, terrorists and extremists

by Lee Williams If there is any federal agency that can be counted on to create a problem just to justify their own existence it is certainly the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. When it comes to overhyping the next “threat” to the homeland – regardless of the facts – the ATF

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