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You have to understand, he had already shot and killed a deputy, he had already shot and killed a K-9, and he shot and injured another deputy. Quite frankly, we weren’t taking any chances. That’s all the bullets we had or we would have shot him more. I suspect the only reason 110 rounds was all that was fired was that’s all the ammunition they had. We were not going to take any chance of him shooting back.” -Polk County, FL Sheriff Grady Judd

The above comments are attributed to Sheriff Grady Judd and were made in response to questions being asked by reporters following a terrible incident in central Florida in late September, 2006. Angilo Freeland had been stopped by officer Doug Spiers along the roadside. Spiers became suspicious about the ID he was handed when Freeland bolted into the woods as Spiers called for backup.

Polk County Deputy Matt Williams and his K-9, DiOGi arrived and went into the woods in search of Freeland. Things took a terrible turn for the worse when DiOGi, closing in on Freeland, was shot once in the chest and died at the scene. Moments later, Deputy Williams would be shot 8 times, two of those shots fired at close contact below his right ear and his right temple. Deputy Spiers was also wounded when fired upon by Freeland, but survived.

Freeland, after a 24-hour manhunt involving hundreds of cops from agencies across the state, was found hiding under a tree when he emerged with the dead officer’s handgun in his right hand. That’s when 10 SWAT officers opened fire on him, showering him with 110 rounds. Freeland was hit 68 times and died instantly.

This was police work at its toughest, as a “routine” traffic stop would escalate seconds later and end in the tragic death of Williams and his K-9 partner, DiOGi and the wounding of officer Spiers. In police work, these things happen. It’s a sad fact of life.

In Chicago last weekend, in one incident, another 60 plus rounds were fired and struck Mr. Londre Sylvester. According to the Chicago Tribune, more than 59 shell casings were found at the scene and Sylvester may have been struck with as many as 64 rounds.

This incident however, is a far cry from what happened during that violent traffic stop in Florida back in 2006. Sylvester wasn’t shot by law-enforcement during a criminal incident. No, Mr Sylvester was actually walking out of the jail in Chicago moments after posting bond and being fitted for an ankle monitor when he was ambushed by several people in at least two cars. As he walked to an awaiting vehicle after being released, Sylvester was shot up to 64 times. He was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

What happened in Florida that dark day in September 2006 was chance fate. Law enforcement catching up to a wanted fugitive, by chance, unwittingly, on a speeding stop that moments later would lead to the death of K-9 officer DiOGi, his handler, Deputy Williams and the wounding of officer Spiers. Police officers prepare and train for this type of incident.

In Chicago, chance fate played no role. This event was well planned, and sadly, well executed, by a brazen group of seasoned killers no doubt, in broad daylight, directly in front of a jailhouse filled with officers and cameras. Certainly Mr. Sylvester must have known he was hated and his life was in danger prior to his release? His killers certainly knew his schedule and lay in wait with murderous intent.

No matter, this is Chicago.

In Chicago, these hits are a daily occurrence, and we will likely never know the names of those caught and prosecuted for the heinous attack on Sylvester and hundreds of others. In fact, the opposite will occur. Life will go on, the killings will continue unabated, very few arrests will be made, if any, there will be no prosecutions and those of us in this business will continue to shake our heads in amazement at the Democrat controlled political machine that makes it all possible, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, decade after decade.

By the way, those killers in Chicago are likely saying the same thing amongst themselves that Grady Judd said to the cameras. Those cops in Florida had every reason to unload on Freeland, the cop killer.

We’ll probably never know why Sylvester was a marked man.

No matter, this is Chicago.

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