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If you know any Joe Biden supporters, show them this clip.

There’s no denying it anymore: Joe Biden’s mind is gone.

Keep in mind, Joe has access to our nuclear codes. He can order air strikes or drone strikes, and he can send our troops into harm’s way.

I’ve written before that it is high time to have a national conversation about Biden’s mental heath.

Folks, his dementia or senility is getting worse.

It’s past time to have that conversation. Unless he’s reading from a teleprompter, Joe Biden can’t complete a simple sentence. He is unintelligible. He spouts gibberish. He is incoherent. He is delusional.

The fact that our commander-in-chief is clearly not fit for duty should be the lead story on every newscast and newspaper.

These are no longer funny gaffes or meme fodder. This, friends, is a national security threat.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy out. Our choices are few. Invoking the 25th Amendment would be nearly as bad as our current situation, but it’s time to stop the con-job that is the Biden Presidency. It’s time to expose the unelected behind-the-scenes puppeteers who are really calling the shots.

Clips like these are surfacing nearly every day. It’s time to stop the elder abuse.