Joe Biden, the most anti-gun President in the history of the United States, is 80 years old, suffers from advanced dementia, and has trouble reading from a teleprompter, much less comprehending what he’s saying. He makes up stories in which he always appears in the starring role, even though everyone knows they’re lies. And he tends to wander off if left unsupervised, which is why the First Lady leads him around like a puppy.

Therefore, if Biden is going to beat the GOP challenger, regardless of who’s nominated, he will need serious help. Yesterday, the legacy media proved once again they are more than willing to give Biden all the help he needs. They’re conspiring with the White House to gaslight the American public into believing their commander-in-chief has a full set of marbles rolling around in his vacuous head.

At a joint press conference with the President of South Korea, A New York Post photographer with a long lens captured a photo of a cheat sheet in Biden’s hands. It wasn’t a typical Biden cheat sheet, which normally tell him what to say when he walks into a room, whom to mention, where to sit and which reporters to call on. This cheat sheet had the name and picture of Los Angeles Times reporter Courtney Subramanian. It also had the exact question she planned to ask, which raises even more questions about Biden’s fitness for office. He called on Subramanian first but didn’t even try to pronounce her last name.

“Now we’re going to take some questions. The first question is from Courtney of the Los Angeles Times,” Biden said, according to a White House transcript of the press conference.

“Thank you, Mr. President. Your top economic priority has been to build up U.S. domestic manufacturing in competition with China.  But your rules again- — against expanding chip manufacturing in China is hurting South Korean companies that rely heavily on Beijing.  Are you damaging a key ally in the competition with China to help your domestic politics ahead of the election?” Subramanian asked, according to the transcript.

Biden is well known for providing short answers to most questions, usually just a yes or no. Judge for yourself whether you believe his response to Subramanian had been worked out in advance:

“My desire to increase U.S. manufacturing and jobs in America is not about China.  I’m not concerned about China.

Remember, America invented the semiconductor.  We invented it.  We used to have 40 percent of the market.  And we decided that what we’re going to do over the past — I don’t know how many decades — we decided that it was going to be cheaper to export jobs and import product.  And along came the pandemic.  And the pandemic taught us that — we used to have, as I said, 40 percent of the market just some years ago.  Now it’s down to 10 percent.  And again, we invented the super- —

We got — so I decided to go out and see what we could do to increase our hold on the market once again.  And so what I did was I went around the country.  As well as in addition to passing the CHIPS and Science Act, I, in fact, visited countries around the world.  And two significant South Korean companies decided they were going to invest billions of dollars in chip manufacturing in the United States.

It wasn’t designed to hurt China.  It was designed to — so we didn’t have to worry about whether or not we had access to semiconductors.  For example, during the pandemic, what happened was all of a sudden everybody started to learn the phrase “supply chain.”  A year ago, no one knew what the hell anybody was talking about when you said “supply chain.”  But now they all know.  And we lost access to these — these semiconductors and which new automobiles in the United States need 30,000 of them just to build a new automobile.  And we didn’t have them.

So, we started to invest here.  And what happened was, when we encouraged the investment through the CHIPS and Science Act — and now we have enormous investment in the United States — well over $200 tril- — billion in long-term investment in semiconductors.  And we’re rebuilding the economy of the United States with those semiconductors.  It’s not designed to hurt China.

The only thing I did say, with regard to China: There are certain extremely sophisticated semiconductors that we have built that are useful for nuclear and/or other weapons systems.  Those we are not selling.  We’re not exporting them to China or anyone else.

And so that’s the context in which this has all occurred.  In the meantime, we’re creating thousands of jobs and bringing back a sense of pride and dignity to so many towns in the country where, all of a sudden, over the last three decades, we found out that factory that hired — had 600 people shut down.  The soul of that community was lost.

And so I made sure, when the semiconductors were coming back, that they were not just going to go to the coast, they’d be all over the country.

And so we have a significant “field of dreams” in — outside of — in Ohio, outside of Columbus.  We’re in Texas.  We’re in Arizona.  Anyway — they’re all over the country.

So, it’s not viewed to hurt anyone else.  We are providing access to those semiconductors.  We’re not — we’re a supply chain you can count on.

But we are not — we are not going to sit back and be in a position where we don’t have access to those semiconductors.  We are not going to be a place where we’re the end of that line.  We — we’re the beginning of it.

And it’s generating significant economic growth in America and not hurting anybody.

And, by the way, it’s creating jobs in — in South Korea.  It’s creating jobs in South Korea — and not just with SK, but — anyway — with Samsung and other — other industries.

So, I think it’s a win-win,” Biden said.


“The goal of the Los Angeles Times is to publish a newspaper of the highest quality. This requires The Times to be, above all else, a principled newspaper. Making it so is the responsibility of every staff member. In deed and in appearance, journalists at The Times must keep themselves – and the newspaper – above reproach,” the L.A. Times writes on its ethical guidelines page. By conspiring with Biden’s handlers, Subramanian violated this lofty tenet as well as a half-dozen other ethical guidelines.

To be clear, the deal Subramanian cut with Biden’s comm staff was not a one-way street. Biden got a chance to look knowledgeable for a change. Subramanian got a clip to add to her sizzle reel of her going toe-to-toe with the president and asking a hard question, even though Biden knew exactly what was coming.

Subramanian joined the newspaper’s Washington Bureau in April 2022. She had previously worked for USA Today, Time magazine and the BBC. As of Thursday evening, the L.A. Times had not responded to our email or scores of other requests for comment, other than by issuing a quick statement denying she did anything wrong.


What does all of this have to do with guns?


The legacy media is so afraid of another Republican president they aren’t even bothering to hide their political biases and beliefs. As they demonstrated during President Trump’s term, the media is willing to break every rule, including knowingly publishing falsehoods, to keep a Democrat in the Oval Office. As before, the ends justify their unethical means, which shapes their news coverage. They will never hold Biden accountable, and if guns are involved, he can get away with anything.

Need proof?

Look at the ATF’s pistol-brace rule, which could turn an estimated 40-60 million Americans into felons overnight. If a Republican president weaponized a federal law enforcement agency – as Biden did the ATF – and the agency then wrote their own rule that criminalized lawful conduct putting Americans in legal jeopardy, the legacy media would come unhinged – apoplectic with rage. There would be fearsome stories and editorials in print and broadcast every five minutes, damning the president, his staff and all of his supporters. By comparison, we have yet to see any substantive stories about ATF’s unconstitutional pistol-brace rule in any legacy media story.

Ninety-five percent of the legacy media are Democrats and extremely anti-gun. You won’t find that number published anywhere. It’s something I learned well during my 20 years as a newspaperman. They hate us. To them we’re nothing but rubes and hicks with “assault weapons.”

We’ve always known we’d never get a fair shake from the legacy media, but given their fear of another Republican president, things are about to go kinetic. Biden’s puppeteers know they’ll never be held accountable if they target law-abiding gun owners, no matter how excessive or obscene their tactics. The worst, friends, has yet to come.

Make ready.

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