[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]In Washington, good staff work almost always goes unnoticed. When a politician delivers a perfect speech or tackles a looming crisis proactively before it explodes – which our current Gang Who Couldn’t Think Straight cannot seem to fathom – no one notices. The politician gets the accolades. No one thinks to credit the behind-the-scenes speechwriters or policy wonks when they knock one out of the park. Biden’s Ministry of Truth

Bad staff work, by comparison, everyone notices. Bad staff work is like an air-raid siren or the dive klaxon on a diesel submarine. It jolts you awake quicker than mainlining a quadruple-shot of espresso.

To be clear, the decision to create Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board with the self-described “Mary Poppins of Disinformation,” Nina Jankowicz, as its supreme leader, is the best example of the worst staff work I have ever seen. Thankfully, it all came crashing down Wednesday. DHS announced it was “pausing” the board, which is Washington-speak for killing it, and Scary Poppins quickly resigned, grabbed her magical umbrella and flew away. Whichever staffer came up with this unconstitutional joke of a board made some very serious mistakes – mistakes they can ponder as they fill out their unemployment paperwork, because mistakes at this level are far from career enhancing.

First and foremost, they failed to understand government cannot ever become a speech referee or an arbiter of truth. In fact, it’s the antithesis of truth – about as far from a truthful arbiter as you can get. Government is to truth what intercourse is to virginity. It’s extremely naïve to think government could ever police the truth. Just look at our current White House resident. Every time Joe Biden opens his mouth, lies and disinformation spew forth. Can you imagine federal Truth Ministers trying to make sense of Joe’s falsehoods, fantasies and fabrications on a daily basis? After a week they’d be ready for the rubber-gun squad – crying and blowing spit-bubbles under their desk.

Although she has a lovely singing voice, picking young Nina to lead any federal effort was legendarily dumb. Five or six minutes tickling the googles would have shown that. While I celebrate her entire musical catalogue, Ms. Jankowicz simply doesn’t have the chops to lead a weaponized disinformation board. She is nothing but a partisan operative and purveyor of disinformation herself. She is also shockingly immature and, quite frankly, has a lot of growing up to do.

Whoever is responsible for her 15 minutes of infamy also failed to anticipate the backlash this board would produce. It was a revolt, man, which the left is still trying to label as conservative in nature. That, too, is disinformation. Free speech advocates come in all shapes, sizes and political persuasions. There were as many leftwing civil libertarians calling for Miss Disinformation to be fired as there were free speech advocates from the right. It was a rare moment of bipartisan clarity. Nearly everyone, regardless of their political affiliation, thought this woman was clearly a bit nuts.

1A and 2A concerns

Those of us who rely upon the First Amendment to defend the Second Amendment were curious when we first heard about this unconstitutional Free Speech-abatement board. DHS is a law enforcement agency, after all. Would young Nina sic armed DHS agents on us if she didn’t like our no-compromise views of the Second Amendment? Bring a lunch, fellas. Biden’s Ministry While I thought the odds of getting cuffed and stuffed into a DHS cruiser were low, in all seriousness, I was very concerned that the Free-Speech police could pose a significant threat to the gun-rights movement. If our work was branded as disinformation, it would be all too easy for social media sites to ban, shadow ban and hide our stories from readers even more than they are doing now.

This board seemed well tailored to use against Second Amendment activists – another tool for Biden’s war on our gun rights. This became clear when Jankowicz used the term free speech absolutist, who she said could never have unfettered access to social media sites unless someone was looking over our shoulder, policing our speech.

There are a couple of important concepts Miss Disinformation never understood. She never got the idea that the best way to counter speech you do not like is by more speech, not censorship. She also never understood that the market will decide whose message should be shared and whose should be ignored.

Free speech, like our gun rights, will always prevail. Jankoqicz was merely a small blip in our ongoing battle to safeguard our constitutional rights. She was a speedbump of sorts, although this speedbump could carry a tune. Biden’s Ministry of Truth

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