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Like most conservative Americans, when I heard a SCOTUS draft decision had been leaked, I was irate. Not about the content of the decision but about the fact a draft had been leaked from the Supreme Court. This is serious business and an incredible breach of not only the public trust but the trust of, and the integrity of, the court itself. To me, it was immediately obvious. No doubt the Democrats are involved.

What does this have to do with guns, I thought? While this is an abortion case and on its surface has nothing to do with gun rights as an argued case, the bigger picture tells us a different story. As I mentioned, for me it wasn’t about the merits of the case in the leaked draft but rather the reaction of the political left regarding the opinion itself and showing absolutely zero concern for the real culprit, the leak and the leaker. Because this is the Democrat party, the party of gun control, it’s not hard to tie this to our gun rights considering we have a monumental case in New York about to be released within weeks. The disdain for the integrity of our courts and the resulting display of hatred for our justices and our rule of law subsequent to the illegitimate release of the opinion, tells a frightening story. Following is a synopsis of my show opening on Tuesday, May 3’rd.

For the record, I heard the breaking news while watching Hannity last evening and I was angered, not by the decision but rather the fact that I know what’s going on. Another loser liberal freak, an America hating RAT, this one in a position to have access to the most sensitive SCOTUS documents, another democrat…yet again…intentionally fanning the flames of division for their political agenda in a blatant effort to sway public opinion, and in the process, destroying the integrity of the nations highest court, and for the record, I have watched none of it on television today

I have read a couple of articles to keep up with any breaking aspect but otherwise have felt no necessity to listen to the nonstop pundit speculation, in fact, I watched Gilligan’s Island this morning for relief only to be pissed off when the following disclaimer appeared on my scream:

“This program includes language and cultural stereotypes inconsistent with modern standards. It’s Gilligans Island. It was made in the ’60s. Times change but the castaways are still stranded. Viewer discretion is advised.” 

Ya know what? I was made in the 60’s and sundance TV can meet me in a back alley. Any one of them.

This is leftist America today.

Back to the leak.

How did the leak occur and why would we discuss it on armed American radio, this isn’t a show about abortion and never has been. I’ll tie it together for you on today’s program simply because this isn’t about abortion but about a blatant attack aginst our form of government, our cherished institution at the Supreme Court and the undermining of the rule of law and our republic. In plain language, an outright attack against our constitution and our way of life, all orchestrated by the political left…again. These attacks, seemingly coming rapid-fire, against our culture, our very way of life, our rights to free speech, and our right to bear arms, all coming from the political left. 

That means the Democrat party. 

It is now obvious, more so than ever before, that the American leftists hate us and by us, I mean all of us. They hate our right to be heard and they hate our gun rights, and they specifically hate anything and anyone or anybody who challenges their perverted, Marxist agenda. Reminder, it’s the Democrat party attacking those two basic tenets of our government and now, an outright frontal assault on the highest court in the land, an institution above politics, or so we thought.

To the democrats, there is now nothing off-limits. This leaker will be caught. There are very few individuals with access to the sensitive information emanating from the supreme court, about 48 to be exact. The leaker will be caught and punished by the chief justice but the damage has been done. The individual will be found to come likely from the staff of the liberal wing of the court. I could be wrong but not likely. God forbid the leak is found to have been tied directly to a Justice. We’ll have to wait to find out, and I wouldn’t be shocked. Not when we’re dealing with the rabid left…but we will find out.

This direct attack against the highest court in the land has already been applauded by the highest echelons of the Democrat party, Within minutes of the release of the documents, almost as if they knew it was coming, and they likely did (right up to the sitting president of the United States). Within minutes of being made public by Politico, an outfit that sat intentionally on the Hunter Biden laptop story to help elect Biden, the Democrat party was attacking the court and using the leaked opinion to attack their political enemies, Republicans, and their confirmed Supreme Court justices, duly nominated, vetted, and seated and as a tool to help them stem the bleeding expected in November in the midterms. This is proof beyond any reasonable doubt that they, the Democrats will use any method at their disposal to retain power and to shove their agenda, right down our collective throats.

The ends now justify the means. I have yet to hear one Democrat leader decry the leak as an attack against the Supreme Court as just that…an attack….their silence is complicity. An utter and total disregard for the sanctity of the court and our nation’s respect for the law should surprise no one, certainly not this radio host. This is the same party that justified and justifies violent rioting, holds criminals above the law, erects statues of thug convicted felons as heroes, and hates law enforcement. I could go on but I only have two hours on my program. You get the idea. This is the party destroying our history, attacking anyone who disagrees with them as racists, and who willfully attacks our national security and our sovereignty with open borders. This is the party wanting to federalize control of our state’s elections to maintain their grip on power and this is the party at war with our very way of life. This latest attack does nothing but confirms the war they are waging is real and we had better come to grips with that fact, fast. 

They are steps ahead of us.

There was a time in America where political differences aside, arguing about the way we govern ourselves is what we are all about and how and why we were founded. “Let the people decide,” was how we actually governed and it wasn’t that long ago all Americans save for a small minority of us, were patriotic and truly wanted the best for our nation. The Supreme Court reflected that. While we might disagree with a decision, we did what we had to do to fix what we determined to be the problem. We got involved, we participated, we ran for office, we voted to change what we didn’t like. Now, the latest attack against our nation, the leaked documents from the Supreme Court further prove that one side is above the laws of the land and will stop at nothing to control us. Nothing is off-limits now…nothing. The ends now justify the means if you disagree with a court decision or even a possible decision. 

As a result of the SCOTUS leak and the reactions from Marxist Democrat leaders regarding that leak, we are now teetering on full-blown anarchy. When one political party no longer respects the courts and therefore the rule of law, we are on the brink of anarchy. I would argue we already were. When that same political party condones violence, controls the media and the narrative, hates their political enemies and stifles their abilities to be heard, Twitter being just the latest and arguably one of the most egregious examples of such, we are already on the brink of anarchy but when the rule of law and in particular our Supreme Court of the land and its very integrity is threatened, and that same political party reacts to the possible outcome of a case rather than the violation of nearly 200 years of the sovereignty of that branch of our government tasked with the law of the land, the blatant disregard for that violation, we are in troubled waters. 

The Democrat Party, with this latest display of sheer hatred for their political opponents, and concern for their radical agenda above that rule of law, put us on the precipice of more violence, more division, and more hatred. A recipe for disaster, brought to you by the Democrat Party. The party that has destroyed countless cities under their control, kept millions in poverty to maintain their grip on political power, and oversees unprecedented levels of violent crime in their Democrat controlled enclaves now attacking the rule of law that keeps us hanging on by a thread, the severing of which threatens our very existence as a nation.

This is not about abortion, this is about raw, naked, power.

The political left, from all sides of its perverted agenda, sees the individual who violated their oath and the integrity of the highest court in the land as “brave” rather than the scumbag they are, that has threatened our national security.

One quick question, I’ve often wondered: The lefty loons across the nation sure are fast to have organized protests wherever they want them with ready made signs. I wonder how that happens. It’s the same in this case. Within a couple of short hours, thousands of lefties were congregating on the SCOTUS steps. Am I the only one that notices these things? Hardly. I’m sure you have too.

So what does all of this have to do with our gun rights? As I mentioiend this isn’t about abortion, this is about the sanctity of the rule of law and the integrity with which that law is administered and justice served in America. The only reason we have a rule of law is that we the people agree to abide by the rule of law whatever that law is and however it is decided by the courts and when the question of such is important enough and ambiguous enough to reach the Supreme Court, we agree as a nation of patriots to abide by the outcome of those decisions.

When one political party, en masse questions that rule, good, we have that right. When we fail to accept and abide by that law we descend into anarchy and today members of the radical left are in fact calling for a ‘REVOLUTION.” Not my word, theirs. I wonder how many of them will be banned by Twitter or sent to rot in a prison for their choice of words for attending any of the what are sure to be violent protests or ‘rallies” that will ensue throughout the summer of 2022 leading up to the midterms, fanned by the incendiary rhetoric of such losers as Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the rest. Bernie Sanders, radical feminists? My guess. None, not as long as the anarchy party calling for revolution in their midsts are in political power in DC. 

All of this places a huge burden on past decisions such as Heller and Mcdonald to name two and of course the upcoming NYSRPA case in NY. You can count on the radical left, the Democrat Party, now threatening with renewed vigor, packing the SCOTUS to control the court, eliminating the filibuster for example, and other such radical moves to gain the advantage in upcoming cases and past cases alike. 

We asked earlier this week, can the Democrat Party be trusted with your gun rights? The answer is NO and we are about to witness another melt down come the release of the NY 2A case later next month. 

The left is closer than ever before to simply ignoring that with which they disagree. That includes the rule of laws they don’t like, including SCOTUS cases, including those which regain our gun rights. All of this is at stake not because the ruling in the MS case is about gun rights…it isnt…they simply don’t like the ruling and indications are, as evidenced by the Democrats willfully ignoring of the constitution to police our words and thoughts with a ministry of truth to abusing regulatory agencies to skirt the legislative process,…we are closer than ever to a Democrat party that will openly ignore that with which they disagree in their ever growing thirst for power, or fear of loss of their current power…all of which is on display in the wake of the leak of the MS decision.

Prepare yourself now for the reemergence of the left’s violent goon squads known as ANTIFA for example and a very tumultuous summer of 2022 that could, and sadly, may very well make the “mostly peaceful” riots of 2020 look like child’s play. 

If, or more likely when that happens, prepare for the Democrat Party to justify the actions of their street squads. Sadly, this nation may be closer to extreme violence than any one of us want to admit, all courtesy of the Democrat party.

May 3, 2022 Armed American Radio Daily Defense with Mark Walters

The Democrat party, now showing their asses, will use whatever they have in their arsenal, legal or not, to destroy this nation. This means our gun rights. This means the Heller decision, the McDonald decision and no doubt, the legitimacy of the upcoming NYSRPA case. Their tactics are on full display right now. Demonize the justices, question the legitimacy of the court (unless they agree with a decision), and burn down the entire system.

That, my friends, is anarchy brought to you by the party that hates your guns and will stop at nothing to disarm you.

You’ve been warned.