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The most anti-gun president in the history of the United States is growing desperate. His polls are tanking – the worst in recent memory. Toenail fungus would likely receive better numbers and more popular support.

Joe Biden knows he has only 10 months or so before the Red Wave crashes down on Congress, at which point he’ll become even more irrelevant – a senile old man shuffling about the Oval Office with nothing but ice-cream runs and naps on the presidential daily calendar.

Making matters worse for him, the most loyal and committed segment of his base – the anti-gun industry – has finally had enough, and they’re not shy about sharing their disappointment publicly, right in Joe’s own backyard.

On Monday, the fourth anniversary of the Parkland shooting and his son Joaquin’s murder, Manuel Oliver scaled a 150-foot crane parked near the White House and unfurled a massive banner with his son’s picture and a message to Biden: “45K people died from gun violence on your watch!” Oliver and his banner were quickly taken down. “I asked for a meeting with Joe Biden a month ago, never got that meeting,” he tweeted Monday.

Meanwhile, a few dozen anti-gun activists – apparently all they could muster – descended on the White House to protest Biden’s lack of substantive actions, and to pressure him to place even more restrictions on inanimate objects.

“As a candidate, Joe Biden promised to prioritize gun violence prevention. As president, Joe Biden has not,” Igor Volsky, founder and executive director of the group Guns Down America, told the Associated Press.

The final insult came from David Hogg himself. The tiny little fella said Biden has been a friend to him and other anti-gun zealots, but not a leader. “He’s made small steps but it’s not enough. The president hasn’t been receptive to our demands. We expected this from Trump, but we’re shocked that it’s coming from Biden,” Hogg told CNN. An aside: anyone who makes “demands” of a President of the United States – even a weak sister like Joe Biden – probably didn’t get admitted to Harvard based on their academic achievements.

Biden’s own statement Monday was as feeble and impotent as we’ve come to expect. He railed against the NRA, homemade firearms, “assault weapons,” gun dealers and standard-capacity magazines, while touting the virtues of ERPOs, safe-storage laws and other unconstitutional silliness.

“My Administration stands with those working to end this epidemic of gun violence,” Joe read.

While Volsky’s and Hogg’s recent blather may be refreshing, and Biden’s usual twaddle almost comical, this is not the time to celebrate. In fact, this is the time to be even more vigilant. Biden has to do something, he believes, or history will remember his as nothing more than a doddering old station-keeper sandwiched between two powerful Republican administrations. His legacy is at risk, as are Barack’s, Ron’s and Jill’s. He campaigned against guns, after all. This, friends, is when Biden and his handlers are the most dangerous.

Joe’s puppeteers know there is no way to force an anti-gun bill through a deadlocked Congress in just 10 months. Therefore, expect more Executive Orders, and these will likely be far more unconstitutional than ever before, since there is so much at stake for Team Biden. Besides, Joe and his crew have admitted that they view the Constitution not as the supreme law of the United States, but as something to work around.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see an EO requiring ARs and other popular semi-autos to be regulated by the ATF through the National Firearm Act. And don’t forget Biden’s weaponized ATF has 1 billion gun sale records to use as they see fit. When guns are involved, neither the ATF nor Biden have ever cared about the unconstitutionality of their actions. The Constitution of the United States, they mistakenly believe, is something for the judiciary to be concerned about, not the executive branch.

As long as Joe Biden occupies the Oval Office, our firearms and our civil rights are at serious risk. Therefore, friends, we must remain ever vigilant.

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