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Over the past few days, I and other conservatives have noticed unprecedented activity on our Twitter accounts.

The reach of our posts has increased dramatically, as has their engagement. Activity such as likes, replies and retweets has spiked sharply. According to several longtime followers, our tweets now show up in their news feeds. Before, they said, they would never see our posts.

Most of us have seen a flood of new followers.

For reasons unknown, Twitter capped my followers at 5,000. Since I joined the platform in 2013, I have never been able to acquire more than this arbitrary number. When I would get close, I would mysteriously lose 200 or 300 followers overnight. Late last week, Twitter’s limit was lifted, and the number of followers surpassed 5,000. Other writers are seeing similar results.

At first, many of us were delighted that Twitter ended its shadow banning and other anti-conservative practices. It was remarkable to see such dramatically increased responses to our posts. But reality soon kicked in, and with it came intense anger at how we have been mistreated by the social media platform – in my case for nine damn years – solely because of our politics.

This needs to be investigated. Twitter needs to be held accountable for this second-class treatment. Careers need to end – a lot of careers need to end.

I hope Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, will do the right thing. If he truly wants Twitter to become the “digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated,” we need transparency. We need to know why the platform targeted conservatives, who made the decision, how they will be punished, and what corrective actions will be taken to ensure conservatives are never targeted again.

I and other writers rely on Twitter to help get our message out, but there are other platforms available. If Mr. Musk doesn’t hold Twitter’s leadership accountable for their sins, most of us will simply move to another platform.

This is Twitter’s last chance.