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The Russian people have always wanted a strong leader with an iron fist. There’s still a large portion of the population who worship Joseph Stalin. Vladimir Putin knows this. He has taken advantage of it his entire political career.

Putin has always used war to govern his country.

Putin started his presidency with a war in Chechnya. He invaded the former Soviet republic of Georgia, and the Crimea and later he occupied the eastern portion of Ukraine. Today, his forces are entering Ukraine after a massive pre-assault artillery and missile barrage. So far, the Russian forces are only focused on military targets, command and control centers and air bases.

Martial law has been declared. The Ukrainian civilians are filling their cars with their possessions and bugging out.

God be with them.

The Ukrainian government recently suspended its firearm laws. Now, everyone can bear arms, but it’s too little, too late. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy told his people that anyone who wants a weapon can get one, but the process was never finalized, and the would-be guerillas don’t know where to go to get an AK.

Zelenskyy’s days are numbered. There are Russian special forces hunting him right now. That’s always been part of Putin’s playbook –decapitation of the previous regime and installation of a puppet loyal to Moscow.

My heart goes out to the Ukrainian people, but their leaders should have prepared them better for guerilla warfare months ago. When shells and missiles are landing, and Russian tanks are crossing the border – it’s too late to start issuing AKs and RPGs.

I thank God for our Second Amendment. I thank God our population is armed and isn’t as vulnerable. I will pray for those brave Ukrainians who stay behind Russian lines after their forces sweep west.

The chair is against the wall.

Get some!