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Liberal leftists are incapable of looking past their political agenda and simply cannot be reasoned with on any topic with which they disagree. You are wrong unless you agree with the liberal. Nothing exemplifies that more than the ongoing Kyle Rittenhouse trial. Claiming self-defense, an 18-year-old is fighting charges that may put him in prison for the rest of his young life. Virtually every liberal pundit is demanding Rittenhouse be locked away forever.

Self-defense is (or should be) a non-partisan issue. All human beings regardless of political persuasion, are born with the right to defend their own existence from any force that threatens them. Whatever tool at hand that can be used to do so is fair game to protect that life. A particular political belief a person may harbor has absolutely no bearing on that God-given right of self-defense unless of course, you are an American liberal. More about Rittenhouse shortly.

The Chicago Syndrome

Atrocious murder statistics, day after day, week after week, year after year, decade after decade, seemingly defy the human brain’s ability to grasp the impact. Sadly, it is obvious that the Democrat political agenda, whatever that agenda is, trumps the lives of the residents of the city. Chicago has been controlled by liberal Democrats for a century, with no other input from any opposing political viewpoint during that time period. None. Not one. When offered help by a member of the “opposing” political party in control of the White House, Chicago Mayor, Lori Lightfoot declined, later stating she didn’t want him to look good. Party and agenda over the lives of people, on full display.

I have tested the theory that Democrats simply do not care, in dozens of conversations with liberal friends, family, and complete strangers over the years. In most every, single, case the results are the same. My liberal opponent resorts to profanity or simply exits the conversation in frustration over their inability to overcome the fact that their beloved Democrat Party has wielded 100% authoritarian power and therefore owns the outcome of those years of control.

They will, for example, try to argue the socioeconomic factors that contribute to violent crime. Of course, when reminded it is their own party policies controlling the city for a century that have resulted in decade after decade of poverty they claim contributes to violent crime, well, here comes the 1000 yard stare. The liberal mind will attempt, in every case, to blame everything but their policies. No matter the facts laid at their feet, no matter the empirical evidence, no matter the truth, the outcome is always the same. For this reason, until and unless Chicago changes its political landscape, the carnage, violence, death, and destruction, will continue unabated, forever. The Chicago Syndrome is at work in every, single, Democrat controlled city in America.

Media Influence

Media manipulation is a powerful force. Because liberalism is based on emotion rather than thought, and the media knows this, the liberal mind has simply been played for so many years by their Democrat leaders, to believe the lies they’ve been told for so long, that they live in a constant state of ignorance, by design. Those liberals who refuse to admit that the mainstream media (to include, social media, television news, major print publications, etc) have been controlled by like-minded leftists for decades, are more proof of that successful manipulation. Of course as technology advances more outlets, more right wing voices are being heard, but remain belittled, by the establishment mainstream liberal press which still dominates the media landscape. That landscape will continue to paint the oppressor/oppressed narrative that drives the leftist agenda which relies completely on there being a victim, who is then preyed upon to become a member of the oppressed. The circle continues.

Self-Defense Caught in the Crosshairs

Back to Rittenhouse. Like Chicago, the liberal mind has been so conditioned by the leftist elite and constant drumbeat of liberal propaganda, which reinforces a “victim mentality,” that it is incapable of understanding the concept of self-defense, particularly when the obvious aggressors, (to anyone but them) in their minds, are the real victims. Rittenhouse isn’t a victim because he wasn’t rioting. The rioters are the oppressed victims, that’s why they’re rioting. It’s why they get a pass from the liberal mainstream media, and it’s why anyone opposing them is the oppressor. They are the victims of anyone who doesn’t agree with whatever is keeping them oppressed. It’s why those caught burning, stealing, and looting, for example, walk with no charges. They are viewed as righteous. The liberal mind, for this reason, can never be reasoned with, ever.

Rittenhouse, in Kenosha, he believed to help the community, wasn’t tossing rocks at police, who to the liberal mind work with the oppressors. He wasn’t burning dumpsters, bashing in storefront windows or burning businesses and spray-painting buildings. That’s the right of the oppressed who,of course, get a pass after so many years of victimhood.

When it became obvious to the oppressed rioters that Rittenhouse wasn’t there as an oppressed victim, he became seen as an oppressor and fair game to the mob rule. This includes chasing him down, beating him with skateboards and eventually having a handgun drawn on him. The fact that he was armed to defend himself will never be seen by the liberal mind to be justified simply because he was on the wrong side. The fact he was defending himself against the “real” victims as the liberal mind sees it, means Rittenhouse will never be viewed as the true victim. Ever.

To the liberal mind, Kyle Rittenhouse simply murdered two oppressed “protestors” and wounded another. For this reason, the communist, professional rioter illegally in possession of a handgun he eventually pointed at Rittenhouse’s head isn’t being prosecuted, and never will be, along with the rest of those who steal in broad daylight, and wreak havoc in American Democrat-controlled cities.

Sadly they have the support of politicians such as Maxine Waters and others who use leftist victimhood rhetoric to inflame the “oppressed.” Karl Marx had a term for this type of angry, liberal person. He rightly called them “useful idiots.”

To anyone but a liberal victim, Rittenhouse should have never been charged with two murders and will likely be acquitted under Wisconsin’s robust laws of self-defense. In the meantime, and in the aftermath, the media can be counted on to fan the flames of unrest and America will continue to unravel until right is restored.