Alyssa Farah Griffin, the “conservative” co-host on “The View,” sold out law-abiding gun owners on Wednesday when discussing the shooting at Michigan State University.

Of course, the majority of the cast instantly called for a number of gun control proposals that would not have prevented the tragedy from unfolding.

Griffin utilized the typical RINO talking point. You know, the one that generally starts with “I’m a strong supporter of the Second Amendment but…” before listing the gun control proposal she’s in favor of.

Here’s what she actually said.

“I just want to be clear: I support background checks, Red Flag Laws that are properly funded – President Biden ordered them to put more money into enforcing them,” she explained. “You can have it on the books, but if it can’t be enforced, it’s useless – as well as waiting periods.”

“I think gun ownership is fundamental in this country, but I also want to highlight we have 400 million guns in the United States [and] 300 million people,” Griffin said. “I don’t know of any sane, serious Republican – not the people that wear these things on their lapel pins – that doesn’t think we should get illegal guns off the street.”

She went on to say she doesn’t understand why anyone would have a “need” to own an AR-15.

I’m tired of those who know absolutely nothing about firearms or gun laws acting as though they have the authority to talk about the gun control proposals being considered.

Universal Background Checks

Most gun owners are against background checks in theory (because the Constitution says the Second Amendment “shall not be infringed”), but from a realistic standpoint, the majority of us realize the Brady Bill is here to stay. And that means background checks and NCIS are here for the long haul.

Griffin didn’t say “universal background checks” specifically, but I can only assume that’s what she’s referring to since that’s been gun controller’s focus the last few years.

These background checks would essentially make Private Party Transfers – which are already regulated – illegal. Allow your friend to shoot your gun at the range? Illegal without a background check at an FFL. Give a domestic violence survivor a firearm for self-protection while she saves up to purchase her own? Illegal without a background check at an FFL.

Not only is this unrealistic, but it’s dangerous as well.

Universal background checks create a de facto national gun registry, something that has already been deemed illegal. If the government knows every transaction taking place, they can piece together what (almost) every American owns. And we know once a registry begins, confiscation follows.

Red Flag Laws

Red Flag Laws sound great on the surface, but they lack serious due process. Almost anyone could claim a person is a threat to themselves or others and the suspect’s firearms are taken away. No hearing. No rebuttal. Nothing. And the worst part: the person being accused of being a threat has to pay to defend themselves and get their firearms back.

In fact, back in 2019, a Florida man had his firearms confiscated because of mistaken identity. He had the same name as a criminal, police searched the CCW database, saw his name, and suspended his permit. When his court date came around, he was exonerated. The woman pressing domestic violence charges said the man police brought in was not the man who harmed her. It was a case of mistaken identity. And guess what? He had to petition the court to get his guns back, something he was on the hook for financially.

The Need for an AR-15

Whether or not someone “needs” an AR-15 (or any other modern sporting rifle for that matter) is a personal decision, just like owning any kind of firearm. Just because you have no interest in it doesn’t mean that it should be regulated out of existence.

ARs receive a bad reputation because they’re big, black, and scary, not because of their functionality.

People like Alyssa Farah Griffin need to stop acting like they’re a friend of the Second Amendment. She’s a lion in sheep’s clothing.