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[et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”]Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene on Wednesday shredded a British reporter for inferring America has a “gun violence problem” because of the Second Amendment.

“It’s our job to defend the Second Amendment,” Taylor Greene stated.

“By our standard, we don’t have guns in the U.K., that is true,” the reporter replied. “But we don’t have mass shootings either. People are not afraid to go to school.”

“You have mass stabbings, lady!” Taylor Greene shot back. “All kinds of murder. We got laws against that.”

“–at the same rates as here,” the reporter interrupted.

“Well, you can go back to your country and worry about your no guns,” Taylor Greene said, waving off the reporter. “We like ours here.”

Taylor Greene Tackles the Senate Gun Bill

Earlier in the press conference, the congresswoman slammed the 14 Republican senators that voted to advance the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

“Here’s the problem I have: Joe Biden – then Sen. Joe Biden – made my school a gun-free zone and has left American students like sitting ducks, targets for anyone that wants to kill them,” Taylor Greene explained. “He’s friends with these Republican senators and I’ll tell you who they are because I don’t mind naming their names because people all over our country are furious with them.”

The congresswoman went on to name the individual senators who voted alongside the Democrats to erode Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

“Sen. Blunt, Sen. Burr, Sen. Capito, Cassidy, Collins, Cornyn – who got booed off the stage practically in Texas – Ernst,” Taylor Greene began. “Lindsey Graham – promised me just a few years ago that he would not violate due process rights with Red Flag laws. Broke his promise.”

“Mitch McConnell – a complete failure to Republicans. Murkowski, Portman, Romney, Tillis, Young,” she continued.

Taylor Greene Chides the GOP

According to Taylor Greene, the Republican Party needs a shakeup.

“These are the Republican senators that Republican voters do not support anymore. We’ve got to change our Republican Party and it has to happen right here. Because if we don’t start with Americans’ freedoms and rights and putting America First, our Republican voters are not going to want to put us in charge,” she explained. “We need to do a better job.”

Taylor Greene slammed the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act as a “complete failure.” She did, however, offer a glimmer of hope.

“I’m so happy with our House GOP leadership saying they’re voting ‘no’ against this bill and whipping against it,” she concluded. “I am extremely pleased with it and I know Republican voters – and Independents – gun owners period, are thrilled with it.”

Currently, the Senate is debating the controversial gun control bill. Gun owners are encouraged to call their senators and representatives and express opposition to the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act.

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